Cubian Debian on cubieboard

Resolve stability issue on cubieboard 2 Jul 05, 2014

There is some reports 1 2 3 on stability problem on cubieboard2. See issue #319, as explains by Siarhei Siamashka, I quote:

It has been confirmed that a substantial percentage of cubieboard2 and cubietruck users are having stability issues. These issues are caused by having various voltages optimistically configured way too low. Because each unit has its own tolerances, not everyone can easily reproduce these problems.

A very detailed discussion can be found here.

#Resolve the problem

  1. Plan A
    apply this patch manually to your script.bin.
  2. Plan B
    Download script.bin already patched from here then overwrite yours.
  3. Plan C
    Run cubian-update --update-board-cfg

#Verify if the problem resolved

  1. Install latest kernel
    apt-get update && apt-get install linux-image
  2. Install hardware tester
    apt-get install cpuburn-sunxi lima-memtester
  3. Run hardware tester
    cpuburn-sunxi to test if the CPU will overheat while doing heavy work.
    cpufreq-stress-test-sunxi to test if the CPU is stable at every frequency.
    lima-memtester to test if memory is working fine.

#Screenshots cpuburn-sunxi screenshot cpu-freq-stress-test screenshot lima-memtester screenshot