Cubian Debian on cubieboard

Troubleshooting NAND install on A20 Jun 30, 2014

Cubian-nandinstall is a universal tool which can migrate the rootfs on the SD-card to NAND automatically, but your board refused to start up sometimes, even the installation process was normal and smooth.

#boot0 and boot1

One known reason of this problem is the boot0 and boot1 code on the device, boot0 and boot1 code is located at a special area, only livesuit can access them AFAIK. They might NOT made for linux. For example, Cubieboard will install an android system on the NAND at factory.

To solve the problem is pretty easy. You just need to use livesuit burn a lubuntu system to nand first, then use cubian-nandinstall afterward.

Note, everytime your burn an android system to nand, and you want change to linux, you need to perform this step, otherwise the board won’t start after running cubian-nandinstall.

#root setting in uEnv.txt Another common pitfall is the root device parameter is not setted correctlly in uEnv.txt. The nand install script will set root=/dev/nandb in uEnv.txt, it’s fine with Cubian’s kernel. If you are using other kenrel, like patwood’s, you should change it to /dev/nand2. The device name is determined the kernel config option CONFIG_SUNXI_NAND_COMPAT_DEV.

Please let me know, if you still have problems about nand-install.