Cubian Debian on cubieboard

Cubian desktop released Feb 08, 2014

I’m pleased to announce the release of Cubian desktop. It’s very simple, fast and elegant. I hope you will like it.

Supported hardware

  • Cubieboard1
  • Cubieboard2
  • Cubietruck
  • Other A10,A20 boards works in theoretical


  • Based on Debian 7.0 wheezy armhf
  • Latest kernel 3.4.75 and bootloader(u-boot) supports GMAC and lots of new module are compiled.
  • Minimal LXDE with hardware accelerated. Thanks to ssvb’s great project again.
  • Slim as default display manager with a custom theme. Believe me, it’s super simple, beautiful and fast.
  • Chromium browser 16.0. Java applet is supported however adobe flash is NOT supported.
  • Wicd network manager.
  • Gorgeous screensavers powered by xscreensaver.
  • PDFViewr(epdfview), text editor(gvim), CJK fonts
  • Oracle Java JDK 7

User Manaual

If you use Cubian for first time. It’s important to take just ONE minute to read “Get started Cubian” to keep you alway from trouble and confusessions.


  • Super clean login screen. The default login credential is cubie:cubie.

Login screenshot

  • Desktop start screen

Desktop screenshot