Cubian Debian on cubieboard

Cubian r5 for A10 and r2 for a20 released Sep 06, 2013

This release fixed several bugs and one security issue.

  • SATA drivers is built into kernel
  • Enabled SPI,webcam,NFS,wireless etc.
  • Fix a hang-up issue on start up.
  • Regenerate SSH keys on first start up
  • Nandinstall folder is removed. Please use the separate nand installer instead
  • Intergrates cubian-update


To reduce the installation time, The image size of cubian sets to 1GB minus 100MB.You may wants to expand the rootfs for more available space. I recommends to use cubian-resizefs.You don’t need to add apt source now as the tutorial said, because it’s included at this release.

For example, If you have a 8GB SD-card and wants to use the half of the card.

cubian-resizefs /dev/mmcblk0 50

Cubian is quite stable now, It gives me free time on tutorials.

At last

I’ve recieved some donations, Thanks you.