Cubian Debian on cubieboard

Universal and separate nandinstaller is released Aug 18, 2013

I created a separate package of nandinstaller which supports A10 and A20 regardless of the kernel version. To install it, follow the tutorial adds the GPG key and configure the apt source properly.

apt-get update && apt-get install cubian-nandinstall

The usage is pretty simple


The nandinstaller is tested on several enviroments, but not covered all the releases. Feel free to report bugs on github if you have any problems.


System running on NAND will read uEnv.txt (if system running on SD-card it will read boot.scr). If the installation is success, but the system can not boot properly. Please check whether the bootargs in uEnv.txt is correct, especially the root parameter. The root parameter should be /dev/nand3 on cubieboard2 (kernel 3.3.0),/dev/nandc on cubieboard2 (kernel 3.4.43).