Cubian Debian on cubieboard

Kernel update to 3.4.43 on A20 Aug 18, 2013

Cubian for cubieboard2(A20) has update kernel from 3.3.0 to 3.4.43. The good news is gpio_sunxi and mali drivers is working on cubieboard2 now. To autoload these modules,uncomment the associate line in /etc/modules. Aslo, the Ralink wireless driver is compiled but not tested, the driver name is rt5370sta.

You need to update your cubian-update to latest version(1.0-5). To update, run

apt-get update && apt-get install cubian-update

To update the kernel, simply run


If you have problems, please enable verbose mode to get more details

cubian-update -v

To downgrade the kernel after updated, run

cubian-update –revert-firmware

If you are using the new kernel, The nandinstaller won’t work due to the nand driver changes. Please use the new universal nandinstaller instead.

Enjoy the new kernel, Feel free to report on github if you have any problems.