Cubian Debian on cubieboard

Enlarge Cubian rootfs partition Aug 12, 2013

The rootfs partition on Cubian is 1GB minus 100MB. You may wants to enlarge the partition for more space. Here is a small tutorial.
For convenience, I created a tool based on the tutorial named cubian-resizefs


First, Import GPG key and add apt source.


apt-get update && apt-get install cubian-resizefs


cubian-resizefs device [ratio]

Ratio is between 1 and 100, if ratio is not provided. It will occupy the whole SD-card. For example, if ratio is 50, it means use the half space of your SD-card. If it’s 75, it means use the 3/4 of total space, and so on.

cubian-resizefs /dev/mmcblk0


We modify the partition table using fdisk internally. It’s always risky when you do such things.So the old partition table is backuped. You can always restore the partition table in case of any problem happens.

dd if=PATH_TO_MBR_BAK of=/dev/MMC_DEVICE bs=1 count=64 skip=446 seek=446